Angel Gabriel in the Enchanted Woods Oil Painting by Tiago Azevedo 40 x 28 inches


Religious themes still causes the audience a lot of strong and bright feelings and underlines the quivering and subtle attitude to the issues of faith and spiritual salvation.


According to the Bible, angels are creatures created by God for spiritual ministry, they are endowed with tremendous knowledge about the world and human psychology, have special abilities to penetrate space and time, and perform certain functions in the service of the Lord. As follows from Genesis, the Psalter, the Gospel, people are angels in a human, usually masculine manner, but the Bible warns to make unequivocal judgments about their nature, since all these testimonies are rare and most often are human speculation.


In the painting The Angel, naked in a forest with a flower on her hands is taking the center stage. The face is expressing kindness and serenity, indicating the Kingdom of Heaven that spills onto the canvas. And if you look at the picture from afar, it seems that the figure of the angel dissolves against the background of the forest, and the beautiful wings, carefully drawn, belong to this heavenly creature.

Angel Gabriel in the Enchanted Woods Oil Painting by Tiago Azevedo

  • 100% Hand-painted artwork - beautiful painting by Tiago Azevedo- Professional artist with 15 years in portrait art. For the artworks, the best quality canvas and oil paints are used. Each painting is unique alike your own fingerprint.


    Medium: Oil on Canvas


    Size (Inches): 40 x 28


    Features: Gold Foil Framing, Framed, Personalized, Signed


    Artist: Tiago Azevedo


    Subject: Fantasy


    Date of Creation: 2017


    Quantity: Single-Piece Work


    Colors: Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Gold


    Item location: New York, United States


    Shipping and handling: US $74.95


    Delivery: Estimated within 7 - 15 business days


    Return policy: No Returns