I believe that most people never realize their full potential because they simply don't understand the proper way to think. When we work in harmony with Universal Laws, we move beyond perceived limitations and can literally think our way into any result we desire, and live the life that we truly desire.


My vision is to significantly improve the quality of lives globally by elevating the quality of thoughts individually.


I do this by educating and empowering our audience through products, services and events that expand awareness and harmonize people with the natural, immutable Laws of the Universe.


I intend to play a significant role in creating a world in which true wealth, spiritual, material, intellectual, flows to, through and from every person in an ever-expanding, never-ending cycle of abundance.


This program is for those of you who are interested in real results in a short period of time.


I launched this program because I believe that every artist has the potential to realize all their career dreams.


It is time to get rid of the starving artist mentality by changing the way we think and I truly believe you can lead a rich life that includes spiritual and material wealth that can be perceived as abundance and success.


I worked for 8 years on a job that was not mine to control almost to the point of breakdown and always felt something was missing, it was my own business and my passion for art. After this, I realized that I could make a successful career out of it by giving it my all.


Art Career Success Program

  • The Art Career Success Program includes:


    - 8 sessions of 1-hour one-on-one sessions directly with me so we can establish a plan for your successful career.


    - Study material and exercises that will help you realize your full potential.


    - Practical instructions to lift off your career right away, including social media tips, sales pitch, email marketing and the right way to contact clients and collectors.


    - A plan to get known and gain 10 times more fans and followers.


    - An important exercise throughout all the program to define your main goal and achieve it in a short period of time.


    - And lastly all about how to generate income out of licensing and merchandise, including deals with big companies and doing it yourself.


    - I hope this program helps you if you are interested and I would advise you to apply as soon as possible because my schedule is limited and I can only accept a small group of students.