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In his third collection, artist Tiago Azevedo has based his surreal portraits on real people for the first time. Historical Figures is a seven-piece series depicting people like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, and Queen Elizabeth in Azevedo’s signature style. “I paint mostly portraits of imaginary characters that touch me the most. I have always been passionate about fables,” he explains. Naturally, this new project was liberating. “I do not have to think about how the character will be… The image just comes to me in my mind, all I have to do is to gather a series of techniques to translate it to the canvas.”


Azevedo, who is now based in Germany, was born and raised in Portugal. Though painting always interested him, social pressure led him to pursue a more “stable” career as an architect. Once he became established in the field, he returned to his first love. “I discovered that painting was something that was my nature,” he says. “Painting gradually took over my life and I decided to make it a productive profession. I am sure I made the right decision because now feel complete for doing something that is my true passion.”


His first two collections — Fairytales and Religion — have been shown at the Louvre and Vatican. These days you can keep up with Azevedo through his Youtube channel.

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