• Tiago Azevedo

Video of Cleopatra Painting by Tiago Azevedo Lowbrow Art 🦋

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt and one of the most famous female rulers in history, partially clad in an opulent white and gold embroidered gown, jeweled girdle, and crown at the center of a splendid palace decorated with hieroglyphs and marble. This painting has a delicate brushwork and a jewel-like palette.

Here the concept is to show her mesmerizing glance that seduced two of the most powerful rulers of the Roman Empire in a pop surrealist style. She is almost surprised to see the viewer, this surprise effect can be related to the fact that she is leaned in front of a wall to frame her royal pose. This shows a contrast between her great power and the vulnerability in her expression.

Cleopatra had good reason to be concerned that Rome would try to take over Egypt. She worked hard to create strong alliances with Rome's leaders. She offered them her financial support and resources such as grain, warships and soldiers. Egypt was an extremely rich country, and Rome began to depend on its wealth. 🦋 🦋

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