• Tiago Azevedo

Snow White Painting Framed by Tiago Azevedo

painting of snow white in a forest with a red apple on her hand by tiago azevedo a lowbrow pop surrealism artist

Adjust your favorite Snow White Frame!! 🦋

This simple story of a charming princess saved by a group of seven adorable dwarfs and a prince from the evil deeds of her vain and wicked Stepmother the Queen, made history when it was first released in 1937 as the highest-grossing sound film of the time.

Now, this timeless story of love, envy, and friendship has been recreated in this vibrantly colorful painting of Snow White. This romantic scene takes place in the Forest of the kingdom’s surroundings, where Snow White and all of her friends are celebrating the defeat of the wicked Queen and reuniting of true love.

You can see her with a playful expression in a pop surrealist style and the apple on her hand showing off her innocence and purity o someone who has not let the evil that has past affect her trust in humankind. So we know she is about to bite the apple however we are put at ease by the knowledge that she will eventually wake up later and regain all this beauty she is exhibiting in this portrait. It is said the character of Snow White was based on the life of Margaretha von Waldeck, a German countess born to Philip IV in 1533. 🦋 🦋

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