• Tiago Azevedo

Samson and the Philistines Painting by Tiago Azevedo

Samson and the Philistines Painting by Tiago Azevedo

Samson depicts one of the biblical episodes where this character is depicted as a historical subject, without religious meaning. Samson, born and raised among the submissive insults, humiliations, and disgrace of his people, takes revenge on the enemy, committing mass bloodshed of the Philistines. After making a vow and devoting himself to the Almighty, he grew long curls that gave him strength. However, the Old Testament hero was the victim of passionate love for the cunning Dalila, who had promised the Philistine authorities for some rewarding to find out what Samson’s unimaginable omnipotence.

Here a brightly lit strong face, Samson watches concentrated for the threat of the Philistines cut off his curls, the main source of strength her painted in a pop surrealist style.

He displays human passion and future bloody events with the help of the predominantly blue color of the background. This symbolizes that Samson in the near future is waiting for something terrible. It is important to note that the bare chest symbolizes passion, lust depicted vividly. The background of this canvas is rather gloomy, made in dark shades. The light falls only on the face, as if highlighting and emphasizing it. The color scheme conveys the mood, setting the character of the picture.

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