• Tiago Azevedo

Ruth in a Hay Field

Painting og girl in a corn fiel with a red dress by tiago azevedo

Ruth in a hay field by Tiago Azevedo ⚜

The subject is taken from the Old Testament Book of Ruth. Here the Moabite Ruth is gleaning, gathering up corn left after the harvest, to support her widowed mother-in-law. The landowner Boaz who talks to her has come to show his admiration for her support for her family. The two eventually married, and King David, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were among their descendants.


In this painting, Ruth looks at us in a seductive way, showing that even among the hard fieldwork our true essence is not lost, this the gaze is directed towards Boaz snowing the viewer how he would have felt in that moment. The red robes contrast with the harvest field and immediately throws her to the foreground as the main character. ⚜ ⚜

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