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Lonely Mermaid Undersea Painting by Tiago Azevedo

Lonely Mermaid Undersea Painting by Tiago Azevedo

A darker mythology of the mermaid as an enchantress. Mermaids traditionally were sirens who lured sailors to their death through their captivating song. They were also tragic figures as mermaids could not survive in the human world which they yearned for and men could not exist in their watery realm, so any relationship was doomed.

This pop surrealist Mermaid painting no sailors are depicted so that despite being a 'siren' the mermaid is shown as an alluring rather lonely figure with fish traits such as the ears and gills instead of a fishtail that may or may not exist. The atmosphere evoked is one of gentle melancholy as the mermaid sits alone in an isolated inlet, dreamily showing out her long hair with her lips parted in song. Beside her are two red fishes that indicate she has control over marine animals as she does with sailors where it is believed that she turns their tears into precious pearls. her wistful-sad look and the review remarked that it tells of the human longings never to be satisfied. The chill of the sea lies ever on her heart, the endless murmur of the waters is a poor substitute for the sound of human voices, never can this beautiful creature, troubled with emotion, experience on the one hand unawakened repose, on the other the joys of womanhood.

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