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Fairytale Series Interview on Tiago Azevedo

rapunzel in a red on sky background with a bird flying from her hand by tiago azevedo a lowbrow pop surrealism artist

Fairytale Series Interview 🦋

Echo Boomer (EB) - Who is Tiago Azevedo?

Tiago Azevedo (TA) - I would like Tiago Azevedo to be remembered as a person who decided to follow his passion. I started studying architecture when I decided to pursue a profession. Of course, this was what society perceived as a career. A better career. However, it was not quite what I wanted since I always had a passion for the arts.

I was an architect for eight years. Then it got to a certain point where I moved to another country, more specifically to Germany, because there were very interesting job opportunities, but I still had the same unhappiness. This came from personal dissatisfaction. And I needed to make a personal and professional change. That's when I decided to start making the transition between architecture and painting.

It was a two-year process in which I worked as an architect and painter until painting took on proportions that took over my life. That's how I see myself, a person who followed his passion.

EB - How did the idea to conceive this book come about?

TA - I have always been passionate about the fantastic, for tales and fables. And when I was in Germany, I was immersed in all that German folklore. I grew more and more enthusiastic about the Brothers Grimm stories and that's why I decided to compile ten of their stories in this book. I had as main objective to maintain its original nature. These are darker and more haunting stories, but I made a point of maintaining originality and, with my paintings, bringing them to life.

The paintings may have that darker character, but this also has to do with my painting style that is part of pop surrealism, that is, the mixture of classical painting techniques from the height of the Baroque to the present day with contemporary concepts. And the physiognomy that you see in my characters is something that, today, we can see on the cover of a magazine... 🦋 🦋

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