Tiago Azevedo is a painter and architect who was born in the Azores Islands amongst the mystique of the fog and fantastic landscapes that stimulate creativity and inspiration.

Upon his graduation as an architect, he worked in Portugal and Germany, having several important projects in his portfolio such as the restoration of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel in Munich. Even though painting has always been his passion and driving force, it was his understanding of form and proportion that led him to follow his true passion for painting and turn it into a career, discovering the value of pursuing his dreams.


He has participated in numerous exhibitions in cities all over the world and has won the respect of the public and international art critics. Tiago has exhibited at the Louvre in Paris, as well as in Rome, in a event sponsored by the Vatican – which is a perfect match for the religious aspect of his art – and also in New York, what brought him together with artists, galleries, publishers and art collectors from all around the world.


His inspiration and themes are mostly related to religion and fantasy, including the tales of The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen. The Baroque also fascinates him for its contrast and dramatic effect, which he combines it with a fantastic contemporary aesthetic. At a technical level what fascinates him the most is classical oil painting and his work can be stylistically integrated into Pop Surrealism for it combines contemporary concepts with classical techniques from the great masters of the art world.


Beyond the art exhibitions, Tiago is working on his second illustration book. This arose from the need to compile his paintings in a format that could convey the literary component of his work: the tales and fables that we all grew with.


He has been compared to Margaret Keane and states that the comparison may arise from the enlargement of the eyes, which makes it easier to transfer the emotion to the canvas. His artwork can be defined as a way to transform his visions and dreams into matter, being that painting is for Tiago the most direct and effective way to express himself.


Tiago’s investment in art exceeds his own work as his art gallery has helped other artists finding the strategy and strength to build a successful career and participate in important international art exhibits.


When moved by such versatile virtuosity, refracting back on ourselves, on the life process more than we might like, perhaps Tiago Azevedo was dipped twice in the blue and green lakes of Portuguese legend. Yet whatever the source of his vision and talent, it is we who reap the benefits.

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